Photos tell stories. I would like to help you to tell yours!

Not only you want your photos to be technically strong and beautifully composed, you want them to capture those magical moments, the sincere emotions as they happen and those fleeting expressions that will help you recall and retell your treasured stories for years to come.

If you’re looking for a photographer who also proudly admits of being a storyteller, then you’ve found him. My training in photojournalism at University of Technology Sydney as well as additional courses through the Australian Centre for Photography in street and documentary photography, have uniquely equipped me to help you tell your stories through compelling photos.

Over ten years of experience, I’ve developed a photographic style that is unobtrusive, fresh, intimate and candid. The photos I will take for you go beyond the posed and trite imagery. Instead, they are deeply personal. They reflect a time in your life that expresses exactly who you are in that moment. They capture the tiniest of precious details. They tell your story by showcasing you, your personal cast of characters, your story’s milestones, its unique highlights and emotional exchanges.

If you’re looking for a photographer who is passionate about helping you capture your story, tell your story, remember it and relive it for years to come, then chances are you need a photographer who is also part storyteller. Luckily, you’ve found one.

My Goal

I want to stir up deep emotions in you when you look at the photos I have taken for you.
I want to make you well up inside and shed a tear. If that happens then I know I have done my job well.
I want to capture the beautiful moments of your life that you would otherwise forget with the passage of time.