Documentary Services

Sharp Eyes Photography helps you to tell the story of the important events in you life.

Do you have a wedding anniversary coming up? Do you have a lot of digital photos or prints as well as old slide photos of your wedding? I can combine your old photos, add photos taken by me of the two of you, as you are now, and create an album that will tell the story of your life together.

Do you have many photos of your child, taken by you over the years? Would you like to display them in an album together with professional ones taken by me in a way that tells a story of your child’s life and interests?

Or perhaps you would like me to prepare a photo album that shows your child’s life, from birth to the present. I can take photos over a period of time that capture your children’s charm and character as they grow and develop.

Do you have a partner’s or parent’s birthday celebration coming up that you would like photographed and professionally put together in an album?

Do you have that special pet that you would like to be photograph? Sharp Eye Images specializes in photographing children and pets.

Each photographic package is unique. Prices depend on the number of photographic sessions you would like, and how you prefer to have the final photos displayed. Photographic albums vary in style and size and you can choose as many pages as you like.

So please contact Sharp Eyes Photography for an individual quote to suit your story.