Gay and Lesbian Weddings

At Sharp Eyes Photography, we capture your same-sex wedding with honesty and integrity. A wedding is one of the biggest occasions in your life, and our photography will give you a series of moments to treasure forever.

We understand that these weddings are about love and its power to unify two people. That’s the emotion we’re always seeking to capture on our shoots – along with the laughter, the tears, the tenderness, and the special moments the two of you share in this next step of your beautiful journey.

We love shooting same-sex weddings because they often have an added layer of significance for the couple. After waiting so long to have the right to marriage recognised for same-sex couples, ceremonies are usually full of emotion – particularly joy and celebration for the new step the couple are taking together.

We create memories you can share with family and friends forever – that show who you are, your shared love, and the happiness of your day.

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